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logo-239Akeeba Backup is a full site backup solution for Joomla. It is a component that backs up everything in your Joomla directory as well as your Joomla database.

Akeeba Backup also makes restoring websites very easy using their Kickstart script. It takes a matter of minutes to get an entire website up and running again.


  • One-click Backups
  • Backup in JPA, JPS and ZIP Archives
  • Configuration Wizard for Easy Setup
  • Builtin Cloud Backup Support (Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc…)
  • Encrypted Archives
  • Multiple Backup Profiles
  • Administer Backups

Why To Use It

Akeeba Backup is one of the few components that is recommended for every Joomla website. Backing up your website is necessity. It's always smart to backup your site before making changes and updates.

Akeeba Backup is very flexible and gives you control of what information is backed up. You can override many of the preconfigured options which allows you to customize how you back up your files and databases.

One of the best functions of Akeeba Backup is using it to migrate sites. Using the Kickstart script, you can restore an entire site in just a couple of clicks. This is very helpful when developing a website on one server then moving it to a new one.

Notes From The Developer

As most useful things, Akeeba Backup came to life almost by accident. It began its life in 2004 as a set of scripts to transfer Mambo sites between different servers. In November 2006 it transformed in a Joomla! component, then called JoomlaPack.

The first users realised that a subcase of site transfers – having the same source and target server – was especially useful: it would actually produce a full site backup. Based on that observation, JoomlaPack became well-known in the Joomla! world as both a backup component and the most convenient method to transfer sites between different servers.

Since December 2009 we changed the name of the project to Akeeba Backup and started offering for-a-fee versions with more advanced features. In the following years we enriched our components portfolio with a security extension (Admin Tools), a subscriptions manager (Akeeba Subscriptions) and a file repository extension for developers (Akeeba Release System) with more to come in 2013.

- Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos, Lead Developer and Owner of Akeeba Ltd.

Control Panel Options

  • Configuration Wizard - A wizard that automatically detects optimal backup configuration settings
  • Profiles Management - Change backup settings for whichever user is backing up. Save configuration options per profile.
  • Configuration:
    • Basic Configuration - backup files to save to a certain output directory, set the Log Level, choose the backup name structure, backup types, frames or ajax and
    • Advanced Configuration - Database backup engine (MySQL or other), Filesystem scanner engine, Archiver engine, Data processing engine, Embedded restoration script, and virtual directory of off-site files.
    • Site Overrides - Site root override, Force site root, Site database override, Database driver, Database server hostname, Database server port, Username and Password, Database name, and Prefix.
    • Optional Filter - Date conditional filters, Backup files modified after (date), and Skip finder terms and taxonomy tables.
    • Quota management - Enable remote files quotas, Enable maximum backup age quotas, maximum backup age, in days, Don't delete backups taken on this day of the month, Obsolete records to keep, enable size quota, Size quota, Enable count quota, Count quota, and System resort points quota.
    • Fine tuning - Minimum execution time, Maximum execution time, execution time bias, Disable step break before large files, Disable step break after large files, Disable proactive step breaking, Disable step break between domains, Disable step break in finalization, and Set an infinite PHP time limit.
  • Site Transfer Wizard - Copy all your data to a new server using Akeeba Backup's easy to use wizard.
  • Component Parameters - Choose user permissions, Frontend backup options, Live update options, and Security settings.

There are many other settings that you will explore, but the list above is a large sample of all of the options. Learn more about Akeeba Backup.

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