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Community Builder is a social networking component for Joomla create by Joomlapolis that allows you to manage it all from within the backend of Joomla. You can network with other members and send messages, upload images, comment on content, create content and it's all free.

Using Community builder makes it easy to manage your social networking. You get reporting features, categorization, and lists to help you keep track of your members activities. Users can be set to moderators for easy frontend control. CB is a FREE to with a GPL open source license.

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  • Works with stable versions of Joomla/Mambo
  • Member reporting features
  • Search, messaging and other connect features for members
  • Frontend easy moderation given to administrators or key members
  • Easy translation in the frontend and backend
  • Additional addons available.

Why To Use Community Builder

Use Community Builder to easy create and maintain a social networking website using Joomla. You can easily managed users while also encouraging user interactions to make your social network grow. If you're seeking a way to help members connect and interact using your website, Community Builder can help.

Available Addons

  • CB Facebook Connect - Let your memebers login using their Facebook account
  • CB Twitter Connect - Let your members login using their Twitter account
  • CB ProfileGallery - Photo galleries can be added to members profiles pages.
  • CB ProfileGallery Mod - Use a module to showcase photo galleries
  • CB ProfileBook - Guestbook or 'wall' that can be added to member profiles
  • CB Ajax Text fieldtype - Ajax, in-text editing on member profiles
  • CB Ajax File fieldtype - Ajax file uploader on file or registration page
  • CB Rating fieldtype - Ratings can be added to member profiles
  • CB AutoWelcome plug - Greet new members with welcome message
  • CB Captcha - Helps keep out spambots!
  • CB Content module - Display profile module on any module
  • CB Privacy - Extensive privacy settings for members and administrators alike
  • CB Last Views - See the last member to view a profile
  • CB Admin nav module - Add profile information anywhere

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