Announces New Web Hosting Reviews Section announces new hosting reviews section that includes reviews from both experts and consumers.

Atlanta, Ga August 16th, 2012 specializes in helping people learn about web hosting and the Joomla platform. The newest section of their site features Joomla hosting reviews from the site editors and customers who have used the hosting companies. tests each of the companies and hosts other websites with these companies to review the service.

Many popular hosts like GoDaddy and 1&1 are profiled in the review section. The editors at reviewed companies that many people will recognize and they wrote thought out commentary about the service each host provides. The website invites anyone who has used the service to leave an honest review about their experience.

Inside of the review section, they explain how the review process works. The website editors describe their process as coming from an experienced background. They mention how they used to help clients and family members find hosting in the past and learned a lot about what people are looking for.

Site Administrator and Reviewer, David Blane, said while talking about the review section, "We have a lot of experience helping people find hosting. Usually for friends, clients or even family members. We decided it would be helpful to make our knowledge public and easy to find. Hopefully our reviews section will be very helpful for prospective Joomla web hosting customers.

About -- was established in 2011, is owned by Intown Web Design and managed by David Blane Studios both located in Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for Joomla! users to post reviews and learn about the best Joomla hosting companies. It is a website that helps to the Joomla hosting community.

About Intown Web Design ( and David Blane Studios ( -- Located in Atlanta, Ga, they are web design and development companies with a focus on creating functional websites for business. Clients range from startups to corporations traded on the NYSE. They specialize in open source technologies including PHP, Joomla and WordPress. They have continued to expand their expertise into improving site performance, usability and search engine rankings.


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