SiteGround Interviewed by publishes interview SiteGround's Marketing Manager, Lilyana Yakimova, about customer satisfaction.

Atlanta, GA - May 07, 2013 ( has announced their latest interview with Lilyana Yakimova, Marketing Manager at SiteGround web hosting about customer satisfaction. In the interview they discussed's customer preference study along with SiteGround's customer satisfaction study. Read the full SiteGround Interview.

Lily started the discussion talking about the vision of SiteGround saying “They (SiteGround founders) saw an opportunity to differentiate by being better in what we did. To this day, we are still lead by this basic principle. Everything we do is meant to make us better and improve either support or reliability of service. Customer service is provided only by in-house trained and qualified experts that are under strict quality control.”

When asked to tell people about SiteGround's active roll in customer service Lily said, “About a year ago we introduced staff and client profiles in our Customer Area. That way, each time you contact a member of our support or sales team, you know exactly who you are talking to, you can see their background, interests and areas of expertise. Our clients can also upload their avatar in their profiles and many of them happily embraced that.” inquired about why SiteGround conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Lily explained, “The reason we conducted the survey was to do a reality-check on where we stand and how aware clients are of what makes us better than the rest. We wanted to hear from the source how we are doing according to them and if there's any aspect of our services we've been neglecting and need to improve.”

Comparing's study and SiteGround's survey, Lily talked in depth about what customers want from their web host. She said, "We think there are three things – slow speed, downtime, and slow and unhelpful support - that people would normally notice and if they do they would label you a bad host. That is why we make sure our customers do not complain from any of that and work hard to offer smart solutions that makes sites faster and faster, that minimize all kinds of downtime reasons, and that our support team is super fast and helpful.” published their study and it was announced here. The study found that most people find speed and uptime to be the most important attribute of web hosting.

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