SiteGround To Launch New Website and Brand

One of our top rated company, SiteGround, has announced that they have designed a new logo and brand for their website.


The new design comes as a challenge to relate some as technical as web hosting to the average Joe. In her blog post Lilyana Yakimova, Marketing Director, said, "Our main challenge with the new website was to tell some highly technological stories in an understandable and human way." Their latest logo includes a new tagline, "The Handmade Web Hosting" to give the impression that SiteGround is more hands on with customers website than other companies.

In her blog post, Lilyana goes into more detail and to help describe their new look, they have created a series of videos. The videos are stop motion videos that actually appear to be hand made just like the tagline mentions. The videos really help bring the brand full-circle and.

In a interview I conducted with Lyliana several weeks ago, we talked about the brand and website redesign before we closed. The interview was about a customer satisfaction survey they conducted that parrelled a survey conducted a few weeks prior. It was amazing to see the similarities in thought about the hosting industry as a whole. Read the full interview here.

Most of the information about the new brand and website was sent out over an email. So here are the contents of the email for you to read.

The new SiteGround design launch is just around the corner and this time it will change everything: the logo, the website, the tagline, and the way we explain how we craft the web hosting service you love. Get to know what's coming now before the official launch, give us your feedback and help us spread the news! Some great giveaways are also included in the launch initiative!

We have chosen the word HANDMADE as leading in our new concept, because we believe this is what makes us different from the other web hosts. As you can see the new logo is also in line with the handmade idea. We will start using this logo on all our web materials together with the official launch of the new site.

These three videos will be part of the new website. They explain a lot about SiteGround's approach to web hosting and how we make your website safer, faster and better supported. But what is more important, they will make you feel the real magic of our handmade philosophy.

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