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We're here to guide you through the process of selecting the best host for your Joomla site. We have the experience and we're to help you. You can start by reading our reviews or learn more by reading our guides! We call ourselves "JHCO" which is short for "JoomlaHosting.CO". More...

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Popular Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting Best Shared Hosts

You will find a lot of the plans designed for the average in website user are going to be Shared Server Plans. This means that you share your Joomla website on a server with several other accounts.

Business Hosting Best Business Hosts

Just as it sounds. It's basically a VIP version of Shared Hosting. Giving you access to more resources, better technical support, SSL certificate, multiple website management and dedicated IP's.

Cloud Hosting Best Cloud Hosts

Hosting in the cloud is becoming more and more of a popular trend. Simply put, it means your website is stored on multiple servers for redundancy. This improves reliability and security.

VPS Hosting Best VPS Hosts

Getting involved with your website? Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting) give you the performance and customization without dishing out the cash for a dedicated server.

Dedicated Hosting Best Dedicated Hosts

When you need the best performance, independent hardware, and customizable server, dedicated hosting is what you need. Most plans come with 'root-level' access which means you get to control over your own server.

Green Hosting Best Green Hosts

Your website can be eco-friendly! Some hosting companies make a strong effort to offset their carbon emissions. They do this by purchasing carbon offsets, planting trees and telecommunting.

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5 Key Factors for finding the best hosting company

1.Speed & Uptime
Performance is everything. Visitors like it and so do search engines.

Price is important. Find the best value in your hosting company.

3.Technical Support
Don't go at it alone. Take advantage of 24/7 support & make sure it rocks.

Look for the best features. You want to look at options like e-mail accounts, ftp accounts, bandwidth, space, etc...

5.Company Reputation
Hosting companies with happy customers means you will be happy too.

How Joomla Hosting Works: Joomla is a program that runs on your Host's server. A server is just like any other computer except it's optimized for transferring information across the internet. Joomla has a set of system requirements that must be met. Most of the servers we work with are run using the Linux operating system. These servers usually comes preconfigured with Apache and cPanel on them. cPanel is a manager that gives the everyday user access to programs, email, ftp, etc...

Once you have access to cPanel or the equivalent, you can set up MySQL databases and transfer the files up to your server via FTP. Once you have the files in the right directory you can visit the frontend in to install.

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) which gives you more control over content creation and display. It allows you to update articles quickly and change the whole look of your site with just a few clicks. Unlike old website building, when you change a Joomla template, every page is updated. This used to take lots of man hours, but now it can be done in a matter of minutes.