About JoomlaHosting.Co

JoomlaHosting.co is owned and operated by Intown Web Design. It's founder Steven Johnson, created this site seeking to help those looking for the best Joomla Hosting available.

The Team

steven-and-robot-babySite Owner, Steven Johnson, also owns a Web Site Design business called Intown Web Design. He has built several consumer review websites for over 5 years and works to improve the indutries they are present in. Steven is also a Joomla expert that has worked with Joomla since it's creation. He reviews and tests hosts constantly.

david-blaneSite Administrator, David Blane owns a business called David Blane Studios which focuses on Web Development. David spends his time tinkering with SEO on his WordPress and Joomla sites. He is also one of the editors that spends a lot of his time in Joomla and working with different hosting Companies.

More About JoomlaHosting.co

This site was started to give those looking for Joomla Hosting an edge. We specialize in Joomla and Hosting so we feel like if we can equip you with the knowledge we have, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

We have several sections of helpful Joomla and hosting information. A good starting place is the Joomla Basics & Hosting Basics sections. In those sections we teach you what we know about using Joomla and finding the best host.

How Do The Reviews Work?

Reviews are completely independent. We base the review on what information is available to us at the time of the review. Please visit our article about How We Rate

Where Do You Get Time & Money For JoomlaHosting.co?

3 Ways:

  1. We donate our own time and effort. Our goal is to provide a knowledgebase that you can learn from. We have the know-how and experience that "fill the shelves" of our library.
  2. We use these sites for our own learning and experimentation. Building Joomla sites that are the fresh, up-to-date and run well gives us a reason to stay current by managing sites like this one. Often times what we learn managing these sites helps us on our clients sites, for example.
  3. We are compinsated from some of the hosting companies. This does not bias our reviews. For checks and balances, our customer reviews are left voluntarily and reflect other points of views other than that of the editors. Some times these views differ, and somtimes they are the same. Our goal is to give you enough information to make the best desicion.

Questions or Comments?

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