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One of the areas of church life we have missed over this past year has been our sharing of the Lord’ Supper.  Coming together in this shared affirms what we believe about God and his grace towards us in Jesus Christ and in our calling together to be a community of his people.  From Sunday 30 May through to Sunday 4 July we will hold six communion services at 6.00pm.  These services will be shorter in length and attendance will be through sign-up options.  We are inviting you to come as a family, so please ensure you include everyone attending on the sign-up form, whether they are taking communion or not.

Please click on the date below that suits you best.  If that date is full, then please select another.  Please select only ONE date.  You are not able to attend multiple communion services.  Once you have completed the sign-up you will receive a confirmation email.





Upon arrival you will be invited to sanitise your hands and a record of your attendance will be taken.  There will be no communion tokens.  One of our elders will show you to your seat and we will be filling each aisle from the front to back.  During the service we will sing, pray and hear from God’s word as we approach the communion table.  

Prior to your arrival the elements of bread and wine will be placed in each pew. The bread will be place in a disposable communion cup and covered with foil. The wine will be in a pre-sealed cup. There may be multiple sets in the pew you are sitting in, but please use only one set of elements.

Following the benediction you will be invited to leave the building starting with the back pews.  Please sanitise your hands on the way out.  Offering plates will be available for you to place your FWO envelopes on.

These communion services will not be live streamed.  We will premiere a pre-recorded evening service on our YouTube channel at 7.00pm.