5 Excellent Footer Designs


Footers are the best way to display crucial, site-wide information in a simple easy to read way. The trick is keeping it interesting and relevant. This is not as easy as it sounds.

The easiest way we have found to design footers is to create a "Custom HTML" module in Joomla and assign it to a Footer position in a template. If you need a template you can check out our favorite templates or check out our favorite template clubs!

Goodson Brothers Coffee Company, Inc.


A simple design that incorporates interesting social and graphic elements to make up a relevant design. The coffee beans remind us of the content of the site while the columns in this design allow us to interact with the company no matter what page of the site you are on.


Poogans Porch


An spectacular use of texture and simple color schemes to attract users to their information in an easy to read way. This design is great example of how to design a footer.


Flourish Web Design


Unique design gives this footer a feeling of earthiness that helps you feel rooted in their work. Everything on this site is pretty and easy to look at. The footer provides information about the company and gives several links to get in touch with them.




Who doesn't like a little stark black & white contrast once and while. This bold black at the bottom of the page makes his links stand out great. The clipboard at the end of the page incentivizes you to click it because it is covered up (making you want to see more).


The Story of Michael


This book's website encaptures the thrill of opening a new book with textures and colors that remind us of reading our favorite tales. This site does a good job minimizing the need for links in the footer while keeping it effective in it's approach.


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