Where to find Support for Joomla Hosting

joomla-hosting-supportEver been stuck on a question about an error in Joomla? Has your website just stopped working? There are many problems that could be causing your problems. It's good to know where to look for the answer before spending too much time searching.

Break down the problem into two categories.

1. A Joomla problem

2. A hosting problem

Where to look for a Joomla solution:

  • Joomla.org Help Section
  • Does your site have a template? Try to find the template's creator and look for "Documentation", "Forums", "Tutorials", or "Contact".
  • Does it run a specific extension? Try to find the template's creator and look for "Documentation", "Forums", "Tutorials", or "Contact".
  • Joomla Community Forums
  • Does an error code appear? Run a Google search of the exact phrase by copy and pasting it in.

What would cause a Joomla problem:

  • Installing a new extension or template
  • Changing Joomla's core file structure
  • Not setting permissions correctly

Where to look for a Hosting Solution:

Often times a hosting solution will be totally unrelated to your Joomla website. Here are some places you can look for getting help from your hosting provider

Common Web Hosting Problems:

  • Error Page appears, "404" or "500" are both common.
  • Page display is missing graphics and structure - This is a slow server issue (or possibly more)
  • Website is running extremely slow
  • Database error or failure

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