Interview With David Pham About Hosting Magento

magento-logoMagento is a content management system built for ecommerce sites. Like Joomla, Magento helps you manage your content and keep articles/listings up to date. This site helps people find great Joomla hosts, but where can you go to find the best host for Magento? Here with me today is David Pham from His website helps people find the best host for Magento.

Q: Hi David, before we get started can you tell us a little about your experience with hosting Magento?

David: Thanks for your question. I have worked with Magento since 2008 in a Magento team. I take care of the server and performance part of team. This means I have the chance to research the hosting industry a lot. Especially with Magento. It can be a little too complex, so it's important to find the best provider.

Q: What is Magento primarily used for? How does it work?

David: Basically, it ‘s one of the best open source eCommerce solutions available. It very useful and has lots of functionality which is perfect for e-commerce, but it ‘s a heavy application. That ‘s why you have to invest in performance so that it's not slow and your customers not forced to wait the loading time. You can learn about Magento by reading the documentation that comes with it.

Q: Which people will most likely to use Magento?

David: Anyone who can afford good hosting can run an ecommerce site on Magento.

Q: What does Magento require when it's hosted?

David: There are specific server requirements that a hosting company needs to host a Magento site. You can follow my guide about Magento system requirements to learn more.

Q: How do you choose the hosts to put on your website? Do you personally host many Magento sites?

David: I can’t count how many sites I hosted for my team customers: it ‘s too many. I manage these sites on roughly 30 hosts, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers.

I have sites for myself too, but as you know I am a technical guy and as not as good with business, so the only I only run 2 magento shops.

Q: In your experience, what's the most important fact to remember when looking for a host?

David: Don't worry too much about price and make sure you go with a good performing host.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

David: Just one important thing is Magento is not same as other source code, if you choose a wrong host it will not work. So, be careful. Thanks for questions and hope you can get a very good Magento hosting to help your development process faster and boost your sale faster.

Thanks for your time to day David. Any time we have more questions about hosting a Magento site we will certainly hit you up!

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David writes for several websites. Specializing in Joomla, he develops websites like this one in order to provide help to those who need it. He enjoys taking concepts not everyone understands and breaking them down so that it is easy for everyone. On the weekends he can be found having beers with friends, watching soccer and enjoying the outdoors.