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eapps-interviewI interviewed eApps hosting President, Richard Lingsch, about the company and how it operates. The following is our exchange.

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Q: Can you tell us a little about your company and what the vision was when it was started?

Lingsch: eApps Hosting was started by Strategic Systems Consulting, Inc. (SSC) in 1996 as a service to run Lotus Domino applications. At that time there were only a few Domino hosting providers and the company's customers wanted a reliable option for hosting the applications that SSC built for them. Later, Java hosting was offered using Tomcat. This expanded to JBoss and other Java application servers. As the company's hosting operation grew additional services, including CMS applications were offered.

Q: What kind of hosting does eApps provide?

Lingsch: At this time eApps Hosting offers a Xen based Virtual Machine in the Cloud service running on the OnApp Cloud management system. The service is flexible, allowing customers to choose and adjust the computing resources in their Virtual Machine at any time.

Q: What does "Apps" refer to in the company name? What type of apps?

Lingsch: eApps Hosting provides an Application Repository with up to date versions of commonly used application servers (Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, Liferay Portal), CMS applications (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal), database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL), programming environments (Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl), Frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails), and advanced services for VPN and High Availability. Each application has a deployment guide and free 24/7 support by phone, email, chat, skype, and web form).

Q: Do you host Joomla and how does one set it up at eApps?

Lingsch: Yes, Joomla can be installed easily via the control panels that are supported. A User Guide (deployment guide) is available along with free technical support.

Q: What control panel Does eApps use? Is it easy to manage items like databases, emails, and FTP accounts?

Lingsch: Our default Control Panel is ISPmanager, by ISPsystem. We have modified the control panel to install applications in from our internal Application Repository. We also offer cPanel and Plesk which have the ability to install Joomla as well, from external libraries.

Q: Is eApps a host for beginners or experienced website owners to use?

Lingsch: Both, the Control Panel and our 24/7 support staff are helpful for beginners. Experienced users have full control via the command line or the Control Panels.

Q: What does your average customer like about eApps? How do you market to new customers?

Lingsch: Most of our customers state that our support staff is responsive and really cares about their needs. All hosting companies make the claim of excellent support, and many are excellent. We fit into the excellent tier of hosting companies in terms of support. We also make it easy for customers to deploy their applications quickly and effectively. We also have excellent uptime and performance.

Q: How many customers does eApps have?

Lingsch: We have over 5,000 customers.

Q: What are eApps current plans? Any upcoming information people should know?

Lingsch: In the next quarter we will be launching the following new services:

1. Enterprise Backup Service featuring Idera Backup Server
2. CDN
3. Private Cloud

Thanks for the interview! We are excited to hear from eApps in the future.

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