Brigaders Badge

Girls in the Brigader section work towards attaining their Brigader Brooch. The Brigader Brooch is attained after a minimum of three years, after a girl has been awarded her three Brigader Triangles.
Like the Seniors Section, the Brigader Programme is also based on the ‘PSALT File’ and is centred on achievement of the Brigader Brooch. The aim of the PSALT File is to encourage girls to see the relevance of God’s Word as it is applied throughout the GB programme and in every aspect of their day to day lives.The Brigader Brooch is the highest company award a girl can achieve and is awarded to those who gain 40 points from the Brigader Programme over a minimum three year period.  Points towards this award are gained in four stages (ten points for each stage).  A coloured Triangle Award is presented on completion of each of the first three stages.  The Brigader Brooch is awarded on completion of the fourth stage.
In line with other badgework in GB the programme covered to attain Brigader Triangles and ultimately the Brigader Brooch must be balanced and cover work in - Spiritual, Physical, Education and Service.
Stage 1 = Blue Triangle brigadertrianglesbluedet3
Stage 2 = White Triangle brigadertriangleswhitedet2
Stage 3 = Green Triangle brigadertrianglesgreendet1
Stage 4 = Brigader Brooch brigaderbroochdet
  • A total of 40 points earned over a three or four year period is required to obtain a Brigader Brooch.
  • No more than 14 points may be gained in one year. (In exceptional circumstances permission may be given by GBHQ  to permit a girl to gain 16 points in order to complete the award.)
  • At least six points must be from each of the four sections -Spiritual, Physical, Education and Service.
  • Each subject covered is worth two points, with the exception of the annual GB Scripture course which merits four points providing a girl attends at least 80% of the course.  A girl with less than 80 % attendance should be awarded only two points for the Scripture course.
  • Girls are required to maintain a Brigader Progress Record Book