Review Methodology

We have used dozens of different hosts and we have lots of experience hosting Joomla websites. When it comes to our reviews we work hard to get you accurate information that helps you make the best decision.

Here is how our rating system breaks down

10 - Perfect

9 - Awesome, one of the best

8 - Great all-around, but not the best

7 - Good, but has some flaws

6 - Decent, you will find better choices

5 - Doubtful you will have a good experience

4 - Issues are hard to look passed

3 - Can hardly perform at all

2 - Please choose a different hose

1 - We advise against this host

What Is Most Important

Speed & Uptime - According to a study we conducted at, web hosting customers prefer Speed & Uptime the most in a web hosting company. We take this pretty highly into consideration over other factors, simply because we understand that is what consumers are looking for first. Read the full study here.

Price - Again, after we conducted our study, we found customers really care about price. It's not about getting a deal so much as it is not getting ripped off. We find that good hosting companies charge a competitive price. We do not look to price as the only indicator of quality.

Technical Support - One of the most crucial part of any business is the way they treat their customers. We do not tolerate bad customer service or support. The best hosts offer 24/7 phone, email and chat support. They are also friendly and able to resolve issues quickly. After years of website hosting, we know that every site will be down sometimes. It's important to have a hosting company that is willing to stay in touch and explain why something is happening.

Features - Things like email, domain management, one-click installers, web stats, FTP etc… all make a difference to customers. When we review we take a close look at the features to see to see what's offered. If they have all the crucial features, we consider that pretty good.

Company Reputation - According to our study, not many people find the hosting companies reputation that important. However, with our experience, we have sometimes seen hosting companies popularity grows along side high quality hosting. There is no real explanation for this correlation except that the market goes for hosting companies that treat their customers the best.

The Final Decision

We come to our final decision by reviewing all the strengths of the company vs the weaknesses. If we would not host our own personal site with a company, we wouldn't recommend them to others either. We often research what people are saying by reading other reviews online.

Our decision is reached when we have had time to use the hosting company as if we were the customer. This means we sign up for a plan, walk through the set up and run a website for several days, weeks or months. We then use uptime monitors to keep up with the speed and uptime reports.

Review Criteria

  • Overview
  • Pros & Cons
  • Sign up process
  • Installing Joomla
  • Running Joomla
  • Control Panel features
  • Speed & Uptime reports
  • Support options and effectiveness
  • Conclusion

Some Of Our Preferences:

  • cPanel Control Panel for shared servers
  • Response time (speed) < 1,500ms
  • Uptime > 99.7%
  • Price < $10 for shared server plans
  • Technical support - available 24/7 via phone, live chat and ticket system

Affiliate Commission

Here at we get paid when someone clicks on our affiliate links. This does not affect the way in which we review companies at all. Our methodology is always the same. Learn more about affiliate commissions and our website.


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact us! We're also on Twitter and Google+. Also if you're having trouble with your host get help on our Joomla Hosting Experts community page.